TP-Link default Login using WIFI router

For login process of TP-Link WIFI router, you have to use some of the default login credentials, such as username, password, and IP address. Following are the details that is to be needed at the time of login into your router.

  • Username: – At this field you are to use ADMIN

  • Password: – At this field also use ADMIN

  • IP Address: – At the address bar of the browser, use

Along with these credentials you are also required to use a configuring gadget, like computer, mobile, laptop, Mac computer, etc. To process this activity, you should have an active TP-Link connection. Before performing any of the configuration activity on your TP-Link router, you have to be logged in. The up coming methods and procedures will help you get over this process.

Recover the password using "Password Finder App"

Password Finder is a very useful and important app for the users of TP-Link WIFI routers. It helps to recover your router’s password without performing a factory default setting. Anytime you forget your password, you can recover it using this “Password Finder App”. Just follow some easy steps to recover your password after installing this app using your computer or mobile.

First Step:>

Find the device for which you want to recover the password. It could be your WIFI router, modem, computer, tablet, security camera, or any other internet device. 

Second Step:>

Then the app will attempt to connect the device using a variety of ways. It could be HTTP, HTTPS, Basic Auth, or from the Base Authentications. These ways are tried to see what is the most suitable way to recover the password.

Third Step:>

There will be a list of passwords disclosed on your screen. This list will include the list of most popular passwords, even of well-known passwords of default routers, and complex password as well. The advanced password generator can generate millions of passwords to let you think about your password. It simply helps to guess your password in different ways.

Fourth Step:> 

Now you should leave the Find Password App running and try every possible combination on your router. It is of no matter that your router supports basic authentication, SSL Authentication, or filled login boxes. The Find Password App is very smart and active, it will figure it out for you automatically.  

Reset your TL-WR841N router using the 30-30-30

tplink router reset 

Resetting your router means, either you power-cycle the router or reset it to factory default settings. The factory default settings are used in the case when you forget your router’s password or when you have troubles while connecting the devices to the WIFI network of your router and the modem. Reset process is also used to solve the dropping internet connection, or to solve the issue of malware, bugs, and virus. 30-30-30 reset process required to press the reset button for at least 30 seconds in the following manners.

When your router has is powered on and is plugged into the power board, press the reset button for 30 seconds for the first time. This button is a little recessed into the back of your router so that you wouldn’t press this button by mistake, as it can vanish the entire settings out of your router. To access this button, take the help of a jewellers’ screwdriver or a pointed pencil.

Press and hold the button for 30 seconds and then leave. After that unplug the router and leave for 30 seconds. The moment you are holding the power button, plug the router back into the power board, and power on the router. After this 90 second, your router will be set to its default settings as it was at the time when you bought it.

TP-Link router login to TL-WR841N Router

Activity No. 1: Connecting to the Tplink WIFI network

In this first activity, you have to connect with the network, only then you will be able to reach the Login IP page of the TP-Link router and its control panel. To get this connection you would require to have either a wired or a wireless connection. Those who are unaware of the wireless password of their router should go for a wired configuration process using an Ethernet cable because it does not use any password to log in. Even you would not require to have an internet connection for this wired access process. Those who have both the login details can go for the wireless configuration process.


Activity No. 2: Connecting with the TP-Link Router’s IP

To get associated with the IP address of your TP-Link router, you have to open a browser from the device that you are using at that time. Go to the search bar and type or you can type in the same browser of your device. If it is not showing you the login window, then you can try with or find a custom list according to the models of different TP-Link router. You can also use various online tools to get the IP address of your router.

Activity No. 3: Introducing the Login details

If you have successfully entered the correct TP-Link server, you will be able to see the TP-Link login admin username and password locus. There you have to enter the login details that we have mentioned in the beginning of this article. Admin should be entered in the field of username and passcode. If you are using a wired connection, then no need to use the password of the router. Only an IP address will be sufficient for you.

You can also find these default login details on the back of the router’s body. After entering the correct details, you will be able to log in to the web interface of the router, or to the control panel. If the login details have changed from default to personalized, then you have to put the customized details. If you have forgot those customized details, you have to reset the router.

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